VAT Trader Enrolment Help

VAT Number | Effective Date of Registration | Activation Code | Terms & Conditions | Accepting Terms & Conditions

VAT Number

You will find your VAT number on your VAT Registration Certificate; or on a previous paper vat return. Isle of Man VAT numbers begin with "00" and are in the format "000 1234 56"

Effective Date of Registration

This is the date your VAT Registration became effective from. You will find this information on your VAT Registration Certificate.

Activation Code

This is the Activation Code that is issued by Isle of Man Customs and Excise to give you access to the Online VAT Rendering Service.

Terms & Conditions

If you do not accept the terms and conditions you will be unable to enrol for online tax services. If the terms and conditions are not accepted within the 30 days of the activation code being issued you will need to request a new activation code.

Accepting Terms & Conditions

Tick the check box if you accept the terms and conditions.