Vaccination Exemption

If a minor is NOT double vaccinated you DO NOT need to complete this form, as they do not require their own exemption number – you just need to complete a landing card for them using the exemption number given to the responsible adult travelling with them.
If you do need to complete this form on behalf of a minor, please input the minor’s name and date of birth and upload evidence relating to this minor. Contact details should be those of the responsible adult who can be contacted regarding this application, should it be required.

If you do not have an e-mail address, please use our paper application form.
You cannot travel to the Isle of Man under the vaccination exemption until 14 days have elapsed since your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.
Application Evidence

Please attach evidence to prove that you/the minor has completed the full course of a vaccine recognised by the United Kingdom’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) or any other competent body. Please note this vaccine must have been administered within the Common Travel Area, a green or amber list country.

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How we will use your Personal Data

We will share the personal data that we collect from you in your declaration with the other Departments which form the Isle of Man Government (IOMG). This is to protect island residents from the possibility of a further spread of COVID-19.

The Privacy Notices for the other relevant Departments of the IOMG can be found at the following links: