Vaccination Exemption

You can apply to enter the Isle of Man if you have completed the full course of a vaccine recognised by the United Kingdom’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and that the final vaccination was / will be administered 2 weeks prior to your arrival in the Isle of Man.

If you are able to evidence this and you have not been in a country or territory on England’s travel red list in the 10 days before arrival to the Isle of Man you will be exempt from any isolation or testing requirements.

If you have not yet completed a full course of a qualifying vaccination, you may still be eligible to travel to the Isle of Man but may still be required to isolate upon arrival and / or be subject to COVID-19 testing. Please refer to the Isle of Man Government COVID-19 website at for further information.

A Vaccination Exemption must be completed for each individual wishing to travel to the Isle of Man on this basis. Requests for minors (children under the age of 16) are able to be completed on their behalf by a responsible adult.

You will receive an email to advise if your Vaccination Exemption meets the criteria that is currently in place. If your Vaccination Exemption has been approved and you are not an Isle of Man Resident you will automatically be issued with a Manx Entry Permit reference number – there is no need to apply for a separate Manx Entry Permit reference number.

Once you have received this email you will also need to complete the Landing Card within the 48 hour period prior to your arrival in the Isle of Man for each journey to the Isle of Man. This includes a health declaration and information on the countries visited prior to your arrival in the Isle of Man. A Landing Card will need to be completed each time you travel to the Isle of Man.

Privacy Notice

The Chief Secretary and Cabinet Office will retain your personal data as outlined within its privacy notice. For more information about how we collect and how we use your information, please visit our Privacy Notice, which can be accessed at the following link, or requested in paper form via the Travel Notification Service Team:

This information will be used to ensure your application for a Vaccination Exemption under the Entry Regulations is processed and that your confirmation of approved Vaccination Exemption is issued.  Your information will also be used to ensure that you are issued with the correct conditions to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

How we will use your Personal Data

We will share the personal data that we collect from you in your declaration with the other Departments which form the Isle of Man Government (IOMG). This is to protect island residents from the possibility of a further spread of COVID-19.

The Privacy Notices for the other relevant Departments of the IOMG can be found at the following links: