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Complete Landing Card - Personal & Travel Details

This form must be completed for each journey to the Isle of Man for each person travelling. Children aged 15 or under should have a Landing Card completed on their behalf by the adult they are travelling with. For a minor travelling alone, the Landing Card should be completed by the responsible adult in the Isle of Man.

You must complete a Landing Card within the 48 hours prior to arrival.

Depending on your residency and vaccination status, you may have a Vaccination Exemption reference number an Immunity Exemption reference number and / or a Manx Entry Permit reference number that you will need to enter into the Landing Card.

Isle of Man Residents no longer require a Manx Entry Permit to travel. If you have previously been issued with an RR number or a Manx Entry Permit and you are an Isle of Man resident you are no longer required to enter this as part of a new landing card.

When you arrive at the port/airport the Port Access officer will ask arriving passengers to show photographic ID and a copy of the QR code emailed once you have completed a Landing Card.

Depending on your personal circumstance and travel history you may be issued with a direction notice on arrival to the Island; this notice will detail the restrictions which you will need to adhere to. If you are required to isolate and enter a testing pathway you will be directed to pay for your test online once your landing card is completed. You cannot pre-book a test until you have filled in the landing card.

One landing card must be completed per person travelling. If you are completing the landing card on behalf of a minor (any child aged 15 or under) please select this option here and input the minor's name and date of birth where requested. The contact details provided can be those of the responsible adult, and will be used for correspondence in relation to the minor's landing card.
If you do not have an e-mail address, please use our paper landing card service.

If completing on behalf of a minor, responsible adult's email address can be input here. This email address will be used for correspondence regarding this application.
If completing on behalf of a minor, responsible adult’s telephone number can be input here.
Address applicant will be staying / isolating at in the IOM

How we will use your Personal Data

We will share the personal data that we collect from you in your declaration with the other Departments which form the Isle of Man Government (IOMG). This is to protect island residents from the possibility of a further spread of COVID-19.

The Privacy Notices for the other relevant Departments of the IOMG can be found at the following links: