Application for a driving test

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Applicant Details



Please enter your Surname as it appears on your Driving licence


Please enter your Forename(s) as it appears on your Driving licence

Driving Licence Number

The licence number can be found as item 5 on your driving licence and must be provided in full or your application may be returned to you

Day time phone number

Please provide a contact phone number where you can be reached between 9am and 5pm

Test availability


Preferred day of test

Please untick any slots that are not suitable for you. Note: The more slots you untick the greater the possibility of a delayed testing date.

Periods when unavailable for test

Specify any periods when you are not available for the test (e.g. Holiday or business absence)

Other Details


Type of vehicle to be used for test

For all other Types of vehicle please contact the vehicle test centre (+44 1624 627431)

Physical Disabilities

Please state any physical disabilities from which you suffer as stated in your application for a licence. If none, state NONE.

Are you applying for a Test following a disqualification in order to regain your licence?

If selected, please give details of each offence, Court concerned, date of conviction and penalty imposed, including terms of any endorsements or disqualifications.

Name of Driving Instructor

Please state ‘None’ if you’re using your own car.

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