Types of information

Depending on how you interact with us we may process different information about you. Below you will find an overview of the types of information we may collect. If you use a link to any website operated by a Department or Office of the Isle of Man Government, or any external website, you should make sure you read the privacy policy or fair processing notice on that website page to find out what it does with your information.

Information you provide to us directly

Category of information

Examples of that type of information

Account login information

 Login ID, password or security questions

Contact information

 Name, email address, telephone number

Financial information

 Invoice number, amount.  We do not hold credit or debit card information.

Government identifiers

 Driving licence number, national insurance number

Health information

General symptoms, source of pain, diagnosis

Other information

 Feedback, comments, complaints

Personal identifying information

 Name, title, date of birth


Information we collect automatically

Category of information

Examples of that type of information

Device information

Hardware model, operating system version

Log information

Time, duration of visit

Other information

Links you click on, location

Tracking information

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