Student Finance

Welcome to the new Student Awards Online Service - Alpha.

 We know that the next stage of your education, whilst exciting, can also be stressful making sure that you have everything ready in plenty of time. So to help you prepare and to make sure that we can process conditional applications as soon as possible, we have released this service a little bit earlier than we normally would. That’s why we call it an Alpha Service. Everything works, is secure and your applications will be processed as normally. However, there are still areas we are improving and we would really appreciate it if you could help shape how we prioritise these improvements.

 If you would like to take a minute to send feedback to us at [email protected], we would appreciate it.

On the following page, the first step of the application process is for you (the student) to use an existing login ID or register as an individual. Contributors to your award submit their income details during the application.

 It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure the application is fully completed.