Student Awards

Before starting your application you should be aware of the following information

  1. You will need your National Insurance number. If you don’t have this you can contact the National Insurance office by following this link
  2. If you are applying for a Maintenance Grant you will need your own bank account details. If you change these bank details you will need to make sure the Student Awards team are provided with the updated information otherwise you may not receive your Maintenance Grant.
  3. If you have applied for 2 or more University places you should use your first choice University when completing your application. If your University choice changes please contact the Student Awards team so the University choice information in your application can be updated.
  4. You and your Contributors (if applicable) should read all of the information provided on our website ( so you are aware of the funding you are applying for and the levels of support available.
  5. If you are in receipt of any income during the upcoming academic year you will need to provide us with the source of the funds and the figures
  6. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers both support this online application. Other browsers may not allow you to complete this online application.
  7. You must complete this application in one go, this should take no more than 30 minutes (you will not be able to save and return to it at a later time)
  8. You should only use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons whilst in your application. You should not use the browser ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ buttons at any time during your application.
  9. Your Contributors will be required to supply their financial details on a separate form. You will be able to download this form during your application.


Contact details should you need to contact the Student Awards teams:

Student Awards email:
Student Awards address: Student Awards, Thie Slieau Whallian, 
Foxdale Road, St John's, IM4 3AS