Student Awards

Please be aware that we are only accepting applications for First Year Students at this time. Continuing Students will be contacted at a later date via email with details of how they apply.

Things that you will need to complete your application:

Make sure you have your National Insurance number. If you don’t have it or have forgotten it you should contact the Tax and National Insurance team.

You can find contact details for them by following this link

You will need your National Insurance number to log on to the IOM Online Services.

If you intend to apply for a Maintenance Grant you will need to have a Bank Account. If you do not have a Bank Account you should set one up now so your Maintenance Grant can be paid on time to you. This Bank Account must be in your name. If Bank Account details are not supplied before you go to University/College then Maintenance payments to you will be delayed.

Make sure that you and your Parents/Guardians/Contributors read through ALL of the guidance that is provided on our website before starting your application.