Search Planning Applications by Map

To search for a planning application, please use the scale bar to the left of the map to zoom to the locality of your enquiry. Once in the vicinity 'left click' and 'drag' to slide the map to your chosen area. The ability to 'switch on the planning applications' (button at the bottom of the screen) will not become active until the map scale is high enough to accommodate the planning data in the chosen location.

Once the button becomes active, it is recommended that the user refrains from introducing the planning application data (especially in dense urban areas) until close enough to the desired area. Bringing planning application data in too soon, will likely slow down movement and navigation around the map.

This map may be printed for personal use only. All layers are © Crown Copyright, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man. A fee or licence may be required for business or other use (including the submission of planning applications and searches).

Please contact the DOI Mapping section for clarification or advice:

DOI Mapping enquiries

Website: Mapping enquiries

Tel: 01624 685924


DEFA Planning enquiries

Website: Planning and Building Control

Tel: 01624 685950