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Application NumberDetailsLocal AuthorityDate
23/00186/BRenewal of PA 18/00319/B Erection of rear single storey extension based on modified design of single flat roof together with the installation of windows and doors (retrospective) 6 Larivane Meadows Andreas Isle Of Man IM7 4JD ANDREAS24 Feb 2023
23/00221/BChange of use of land and buildings to animal sanctuary. Placement of container and hardstanding and installation of replacement drainage and septic tank (retrospective) The Stables Greenhill Jurby Road Andreas Isle Of Man IM7 2EJ ANDREAS23 Feb 2023
23/00162/BDemolition of existing utility, porch, greenhouse with alterations and construction of new extension to rear / side of existing bungalow Little Field Ronague Castletown Isle Of Man IM9 4HQ ARBORY23 Feb 2023
23/00141/BReplace all 26 windows with PVC windows. The front will be sliding sash and the back of the house will be casement windows. Replace all 4 doors with casement doors Cornhill City House 9 Hope Street Castletown Isle Of Man IM9 1ASCASTLETOWN23 Feb 2023
22/01113/BDemolition of existing dwelling and redevelopment of the site and adjacent land with an apartment block accommodation seven apartments with associated drainage, access, basement parking and landscaping Gloccamora Douglas Head Douglas Isle Of Man IM1 5BW DOUGLAS13 Sep 2022
23/00128/BConversion of residential site to a block of 4 residential apartments 40 Peel Road Douglas Isle Of Man IM1 4LY DOUGLAS27 Feb 2023
23/00158/BReplace two windows on landward side of building Apartment 21 Piccadilly Court Queens Promenade Douglas Isle Of Man IM2 4NS DOUGLAS23 Feb 2023
23/00178/BErection of single storey rear extension and extension to terrace 22 Reayrt Carnane Douglas Isle Of Man IM2 5LNDOUGLAS1 Mar 2023
23/00181/CChange of use to a gaming lounge (retrospective) Unit 1D Riverside Trading Estate Pulrose Road Douglas Isle Of Man IM2 1AB DOUGLAS27 Feb 2023
23/00187/BInstallation of replacement windows with sliding sash, replacement rear door and retrospective replacement of front door 34 Woodburn Square Douglas Isle Of Man IM1 4DD DOUGLAS23 Feb 2023
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