View Audit Details

This provides a list of the functions that have been performed on the Account.

The icons in the first column show:

The action was successful

The action failed

An email has been sent to the account


Displays the name of the service the function was performed under, i.e. Income Tax, Cattle Passports. For all non-service functions, i.e. registration or administration, “Common Services” is displayed. If the function was performed by the Online Helpdesk then the Service will display as “Call Centre”.


Displays descriptions of the function/action performed.

User Affected

Displays the name of the User Affected by the function performed. This only displays when a change is made to an Assistant, i.e. Change of details, creating assistant, change of permissions etc.

Actioned By

Displays the username of the person who performed the Function. If the function is performed by the Online Helpdesk then the Actioned By will display as “Online Help”.