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Your Name

This name should be your own name, entering Forename(s) and Surname. To help us maintain your online registration we would ask that you use your full known as name. This information will be displayed when you are logged in, for example 'John Smith'.

Email Address

This is required so that we can notify you of important announcements. If you are registering as an Individual this should be your own personal email address.

Please note you can specify separate email addresses when you enrol for a specific service.

Confirm Email Address

We ask you to re-type your email address to reduce the incidence of errors and to ensure that this is the email address that you want to use.

Contact Telephone Number

This number is required so we can contact you should a problem arise with your account; therefore please make sure you use a current phone number including all the code.

Date of Birth

This should be your actual date of birth, and therefore should only require changing if it was originally entered incorrectly.