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About Assistants

You can use this function to create Assistants on your account. An Assistant is an additional user on the account.

You can choose the level of access and permissions for your assistant by selecting the type of assistant you wish to setup. There are two types of Assistant - Administrative Assistant and Standard Assistant.

Standard Assistant

A Standard Assistant can amend only their own personal details on the account (e.g. email address, telephone number etc). They can amend their own security details (password, security questions and memorable information). They cannot change any details relating to the account or any other Assistant.

Once you have created your Standard Assistant you may assign access permissions to any services you are enrolled with (e.g. VAT Services, Cattle Passports). The level of access available will vary for each service.

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant has full permissions to administer the account. For a detailed list of permissions and functions, please see the Table of Permissions & Functions.

Create Assistant

An Assistant can be created by either the primary account owner or an Administrative Assistant. To access the Create Assistant function you must first login to the account. You should then select 'Administration' from the menu items on the left of the screen. From here, select 'Assistants' - 'Create Assistant'. There is on screen guidance to help you with the Assistant creation and you can go to the Registration Help for further guidance on choosing passwords etc.

Account Administration

It is important to keep the account up to date in respect of Assistants. Therefore, for security purposes, you must ensure that any Assistants on the account which are no longer required have their access to the account disabled.


When you create an Assistant they will not have permission to use any of the services that your Account has enrolled for. To set up permissions for an Assistant go to 'Administration', then 'Assistants' which displays a list of all the Assistants of your Account, select an Assistant and you’ll get a list of the enrolled services for your Account, to give permission to an Assistant to use a particular service you need to select their Access Level and click the 'Add' button.

Access Level

Each Assistant of your Account can be given a certain level of access to each service that you’re enrolled to, the actual levels of access available are dependent on the service being selected, possible choices are:

User does not have any access to the service.
Enquiry Only
User has access only to view the service data but cannot use any of the maintenance functions.
Data Entry
User can view service data and make updates, but the updates cannot be submitted. This is useful where you wish to have another user check and sign off the updates before submission (e.g. Data entry clerk prepares the VAT return, the company director checks the return and submits).
Data Submission
User can view service data, make updates and submit the data to the service agency.

Note: Not all accounts have the function to create assistants.