Online Services Registration

Which Type of Registration do I Need?

Register as an organisation

Choose this if you are representing a company or business acting on its own behalf e.g. Limited Company, Partnership, Trust, LLC. Or you are representing a Business entity that acts as an agent for others and wishes to make transactions on their behalf.

Register as an individual

Choose this if you want to make transactions of a personal nature or if you are a sole proprietor. Or you manage your own agency and wish to make transactions on behalf of others.

What You Need

To Register:

During registration you will be asked to enter details to ensure that your Online account can be maintained securely. These details will include a Login Id and password as well as your full name and Date of Birth. The Login ID is a unique personal identifier of between 6 & 20 characters that you generate for yourself.

Once registered you can use some of the Services straight away including Payments for MEA & Rates, Job Notifications and Fishing Licences. Other Services may require further authentication to allow you to enrol with them.

To Enrol with Government Departments, Boards and Offices:

To enrol for a Government Service you will need to enter further details to enable that service to correctly identify you. For example, when registering for VAT services, you will need to provide your VAT number and your Effective Date of Registration (EDR). To complete the enrolment process you need an Activation Code, which will be issued to you by Customs & Excise, these can be requested online and sent to you by postal service.

Each respective service will require different unique details from you. These are requested both to identify your account and to ensure other people cannot access your records. Full details of the requirements for enrolment can be found on the help pages for each service.