Salary Support Scheme

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Probity Requirements

Please declare whether the business has any arrears in relation to:

  1. Income Tax;
  2. National Insurance contributions;
  3. VAT;
  4. Any other taxes or duties payable
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For guidance on how to complete the form and populate the spreadsheet please see the guidance notes available here.

Please select a claim period in order to make the correct template available for downloading.

    Claimed Amount

    I am hereby submitting this claim under the COVID-19 Salary Support Scheme for the above period and for the employees detailed in the attached spreadsheet for the total amount of:

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    Qualifying Business Declaration

    I declare that:

    I am a Qualifying Business under the terms of the Scheme and the issued guidance. In particular I specifically hereby confirm that this business meets all of the following statutory requirements:

    1. it has 1 or more employees;
    2. is not in an excluded sector as defined at Section 3 of the scheme and in the guidance;
    3. has its place of business in the Isle of Man;
    4. has been consistently meeting in full its financial obligations to its employees up to 28 February 2020 or where established after 28 February 2020 from the date the business was established;
    5. has not laid off any employee for whom financial assistance has been sought;
    6. has remunerated every employee for whom financial assistance has been sought at least to the level of the statutory minimum wage;
    7. has been in operations continuously since at least the 28 February 2020 or where established after 28 February 2020 from the date the business was established up to and including the day before the beginning of the first 4 week claim;
    8. intends to continue operating during the current statement of emergency in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the foreseeable future; and
    9. has been adversely affected through loss of business by the COVID-19 outbreak.

    If you do not consider that you are a qualifying business under the scheme as you cannot meet the conditions stated above please state what conditions you cannot meet and why you consider you are still eligible for the scheme. If you have received a specific approval for inclusion from the Chief Financial Officer please include the CFO approval reference here.

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